This is the largest taxonomic order, containing many of the Nudibranchs that you will see on diving trips in the Koh Phangan, Marine Park and Koh Tao area.

This is our largest Dorid family. Featuring retractable external gills and coming in a load of colourful variations, the Chromodorids are very much a Nudibranch stereotype. (3 Albums, 4 Galleries)

Not the most ornate or spectacular of the nudies, but subtly camouflaged and coloured. (2 Galleries)

Asteronotus, Atagema, Discodoris, Hoplodoris and Jorunna. They all have specialised tubercles on the mantle, called caryophyllidia. (5 Galleries)

Small, cryptic and seen once only...

Carnivorous beasties with enormous capacity for their small body size! (4 Galleries)

Meet the Wart Slugs. These Nudibranch have no external gills. They can also produce some very nasty toxins when irritated. (8 Galleries)

This fine creature can both crawl and swim, in addition to having 2 bioluminescent organs!