Family Chromodorididae

The family Chromodorididae are conventionally shaped Nudibranch, a few of which we can meet on scuba dives here. Plus the seasonal rarities and those specific to particular dive sites, such as Samran Pinnacles.
The Chromodorid Nudies got a shake-up in 2012. A scientific report based on DNA analysis has moved some to different genera and created two new ones. Work is in progress on updating it all here in our guide…

Small and fairly inconspicuous; this is not an easy Nudibranch to spot.

There is little outward difference in the appearance of a Chromodoris next to another Chromodorid - but if you look carefully you might be able to tell... (1 Gallery)

One of the most eye-catching of all the Chromodorids; they make for a truly great underwater photo subject. Used to be in the genus Glossodoris...

These seem to be a more ruffled kind of Chromodorid - maybe! (1 Gallery)

A resurrected Nudibranch family - following the results of DNA analysis in 2012. (4 Galleries)

If anything they look a bit skinnier than their Chromodoris cousins... (7 Galleries)

They are quite contrasting family members so far. (2 Galleries)

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