Hypselodoris family

The Hypselodoris family is a lovely sub-section of Dorid Nudibranchs. Underwater photographs taken only by Chaloklum Diving at our favourite dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand.

Spotted 4 times up until now, and only in Chaloklum Bay.

A photogenic nudibranch, seemingly common in the Chaloklum Bay vicinity.

Thanks to Gabriele for the photos, taken on a dive with the mighty Lawrence, the nudi man.

I took just one quick photo because I didn\'t think it was a nudibranch. Optical lenses were soon purchased!

This Hypselodorid seems to have 2 different sets of markings.

This particular Chromodorid has been sighted in various locations in S.E. Asia, but still has not been given a full name.

Another common Hypselorid, often seen in pairs with one holding on to the end of the other - a habit known as "tailing". It's original name was Risbecia tryoni.