Phyllidiidae, The Wart Slugs

A favourite of our scuba divers, Wart Slugs (such a charming name!) are frequently spotted when diving around Koh Phangan. Some are not easy to identify without chopping them up (usually to check their radular teeth) so we must live with some mistakes!

A relatively large and beautifully coloured member of the wart slug family.

This is the Wart Slug with the most colour variants; it is usually yellow and white in our area.

Not to be confused with Phyllidia varicosa, which grows bigger and has a different pattern. Used to be known as Fryeria picta.

Pretty but poisonous, so do not try to eat one; fish do not!

Featuring white to pink coloured pustules on a black background.

Featuring raised white patches (rather than lumpy pustules) on a black background.

Like a cross between nigra and pustulosa ? Black with knobbly white bits anyway.

Two wart slugs that we have seen only once, with shaky ID\'s !