Sea Snails; Prosobranchia

Sea Snails – marine gastropod molluscs – can usually be found at all our dive sites. Our principal species are the Cone shells, Cowries, Drupes, Helmet shells, Miter shells, Murex and the Strombs. Below are some families and individual snails that you might meet.

Only related to the true Cowries, they look like miniature versions with particularly beautiful mantles.

Small to large predatory molluscs, looking like rock drill bits - so says Wikipedia!

A big, mobile shell. Great to watch them when they are on the move, hunting...

A sea snail with a distinctive form, that keeps its shell shiny by protecting it with a living cover known as a mantle. (5 Galleries)

Sand dwelling scavengers with high-spired, rounded shells.

Another bunch of carnivores, roving the sands in search of prey. The heavy shell must make them safe from predators.

Usually moving just underneath the sand; small ones are prey for the headshield slugs.

A large family of Sea Snails, also known as the Rock Snails.

Strombs have a claw-like "operculum" which they use to push themselves along the bottom, with a sort of hopping movement.

The source of the name for this beautiful small snail should be obvious.

A variety of shells, including Cones, Harps, Mitres, Tops And Tulips.