Squid and Octopus; Cephalopoda

Squid and Octopus are the most sophisticated of all the molluscs. They are Chaloklum Diving all-time favourites and often seen on scuba dives around Koh Phangan. Totally fascinating creatures…

Pygmy Squid; Idiosepius paradoxus

First seen hovering next to a Sea Pen; later found lurking on an algae... VERY small.

Reef Octopus, Octopus cyanea

A small and fascinating creature. Great for underwater photography if you're patient!

Reef Octopus encounter May 2010

These photos are the result of 20 minutes spent watching an octopus and a passing cuttlefish.

Dwarf Cuttlefish, Sepia bandensis

Not a juvenile, this is as big as they get...

Shortclub Cuttlefish; Sepia brevimana

Smaller, stumpy and more cautious than the reef cuttlefish.

Reef Cuttlefish; Sepia latimanus

A.k.a. Broadclub Cuttlefish. An intelligent beast - fascinating to meet underwater. They can change colour from a pale white to a dark brown camouflage in seconds.

Reef Cuttlefish mating behaviour

You are lucky when you have a chance to see such a display.

Bigfin Reef Squid; Sepioteuthis lessoniana

The original foundation of the fishing industry of Chaloklum and Koh Phangan but not often seen when diving.