Sea Cucumbers, Urchins and Stars: Echinodermata

You cannot say that all Echinodermata are the most lovely of creatures, but they are definitely of interest on scuba dives or when you’re out snorkelling.

Nocturnal animals, they filter feed using their feather-like arms. They can walk using using modified legs called cirri, and usually hide, coiled up, during the day.

Definitely not a fish, but "star echinoderm" somehow doesn't sound as good... (4 Galleries)

They all have some kind of bony exoskeleton and are generally spiky. Contact should be avoided! (8 Galleries)

A simple function; food (dirty sand or substrate) in at one end and waste (clean stuff) out the other! These ugly beasts are important reef cleaners. (2 Albums, 3 Galleries)

With 5 arms (that are easily broken, hence the name) and a central disc of a body, they seem to get everywhere.