Sea Cucumbers; Holothuroidea

We reorganised our gallery of Koh Phangan Sea Cucumbers in December 2014. It was then that we were made aware of a number of wrongly identified Holothurians.
Chaloklum Diving are greatly indebted to Frédéric Ducarme from the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris and his learned colleague François Michonneau for their expert help and advice.

Looking like long, corrugated worms, these Sea Cucumbers lack the tube feet possessed by most other Holothuroidea.

They all have branched tentacles and are suspension feeders. They have both retractor and introvert muscles which means that they can pull in their tentacles when not feeding.

Conventional Sea Cucumbers with relatively small, flattened feeding tentacles and a distinct sole on the posterior side with tube feet for locomotion. (6 Galleries)

Probably a deeper water dwelling sea cucumber that got lost! Note the smooth skin, elongated body and lack of tube feet.

Family Stichopidae - originally grouped with the Holothurians in the now extinct order Aspidochirotida. (4 Galleries)