Holothuriida; Classical Sea Cucumbers

These are most scuba divers idea of classical Cucumbers – a sort of large, ugly, very slow moving caterpillar. They actually perform essential reef cleaning work, filtering large amounts of dirty sand every year – not beautiful, but beneficial all the same.

Bohadschia species

Bohadschia vitiensis is a distinctively shaped and coloured deposit feeder, often found partially buried in the sand.

Holothuria atra

A common Sea Cucumber on the reef - it always seems to have sand sticking to it.

Holothuria leucospilota

These beasts have a charming defence mechanism; they eject a load of sticky stuff - known as Cuvierian Tubules - on their attacker.

Holothuria scabra

This Sea Cucmber is known as the Sandfish - even though there's nothing at all fishy about it!

Other Holothuriidian species

A few Holothuriidians with dubious identities.

Pearsonothuria graeffei

This Sea Cucumber used to be in the genus Bohadschia. The juvenile mimics the toxic nudibranch Phyllidia varicosa.