Sea Urchins and Sand Dollars; Echinoidea

The Sea Urchins are found when we’re out SCUBA diving in a variety of different habitats. They are mostly equipped with spines that are not a good idea to touch! Sand dollars on the other hand are not easy to find unless you know where to look.

The spines of this echinoid provide cover for the Urchin Clingfish and a variety of juvenile fishies.

Note the short, chunky spines and distinctive markings..

Apparently named after the dark banding that is often seen on the spines. Found amongst the corals; it's a relatively solitary sea urchin.

Attaches items to its body for disguise, as well as having spines for defence. They can be relatively fast-moving.

They may be small and insignificant, but you surely know it if you make contact with one. The spines are quite irritating.

This urchin uses disk like appendages to attach a variety of assorted debris to itself, so as to blend in with the scenery...

Unseen on scuba dives unless you look for them - you can find the white skeletons of their bony cases washed up on the beach.