Sponges; Porifera

Sponges are especially popular with our scuba diving macro photographers. Both for their fine structure but also as food sources for a few of our Koh Phangan Nudibranch species.

Barrel Sponge; Xestospongia testudinaria

The largest and most eye-catching of all the sponges, with a variety of growth forms.

Blue Sponge; Haliclona species.

Haliclona species - maybe caerulea - food of the Jorunna Nudibranch.

Encrusting Sponges inc. Clathria sp.

Growing over all sorts of things...

Orange Sprawling Sponge, Clathria reinwardti

With a growth form more plant or coral-like than anything else, here is another atypical sponge!

Pink Puffball Sponge, Oceanapia sagittaria

You would never guess that this beautiful structure was actually part of a sponge!

Porifera; Other Sponges

Including Black, and Golf or Tennis Ball Sponges.

Porifera; Unidentified Sponges;

Quite possibly 1 or 2 of these are actually Ascidians ie Sea Squirts...