Mellow May time on Koh Phangan

SCUBA Diving in the distance at Sail Rock in the Gulf of ThailandDue to popular demand – well, for PADI Instructor Greg at least (!) – here’s an update from the mellow island.
Koh Phangan can still be swelteringly hot (up to 41 degrees yesterday), but we’ve had a few milder days when it’s been possible to work gently without losing too many litres of water – Petra & Chaloklum Divings “trash hero” cold water dispenser has been taking a hammering as the dive centre team & customers compensate for water loss in an environmentally sound style! And we’re still waiting for the next consignment of the top-selling bottles…
Best place to be has been out on the dive boat at Sail Rock – socialising with sea breezes in the shade on a super-calm Gulf of Thailand – with a nice, quiet, low season dive site. The only issue with Koh Phangan in May/June is that we cannot offer such a variety of scuba diving or snorkelling destinations – although we have heard that visibility is not special at Anthong Marine Park at the moment & Mr Fred is working hard on getting a 3 dive special together to Southwest Pinnacles, Shark Island & Sail Rock – motivating a few Koh Phangan residents to enjoy some of the delights of living here now that they have the time!
The team are relaxing but the dive school is still working, albeit at a more leisurely rate. PADI Emergency First Response today with a Rescue Diver course to follow for Alex, an ongoing CMAS 2 star programme to keep Sascha out of trouble, Divemaster training for Chris giving Nick a chance to get in the water, & some folks Discovering SCUBA Diving to make sure that Michi doesn’t get too much hammock time! And of course Chaloklum Diving friends Angie & Heinz are back with us & keeping Michael entertained – don’t forget to get him diving with you – maybe you should give him a refresher Heinz!!
Future plans – following an expedition by Fred to Koh Tao, it looks like our PADI free diving courses should be available for the summer season – more news to follow…
AND a question to our supporters – what do you think of us offering “sunset dinner cruises” with our boat, featuring authentic Thai cuisine from Lek ? A number of people have suggested it to us – if you have a minute please let us know what you think.