Freediving with Chaloklum Diving

What is it all about ?

Freediving is not the same as SCUBA diving in so many ways, because instead of relying on technology you are using only the abilities provided to us mammals by nature.
The limits are those of your own body rather than your equipment, and the focus of the training is on understanding your body and learning how to release its full potential.
And it’s way beyond snorkelling – rather than looking at the fish and corals from above we are joining them below, in our natural state.
This sport is satisfying and fulfilling but in a totally different way.
We offer a variety of options – for beginners there is the 2 day PADI Freediver certification course, or the chance to check it out first with a basic 1 day programme. Experienced freedivers can join us on a day trip to the fabulous Sail Rock, or continue their education with the PADI Advanced Freediver course and beyond.
*There’s a special medical declaration required for freedivers – CHECK HERE – then read on…*

The PADI Freediver Course

Happy PADI Freedivers with Chaloklum Diving at Koh KongThe main aim of this programme is to extend your breath holding ability (static apnoea), refine your underwater finning technique (dynamic apnoea) and ultimately freedive to a depth of 10 to 16 metres.
As always at Chaloklum Diving, this course has to be highly flexible to allow your instructor to meet your particular training needs.
It’s a 3 part programme encompassing theory, shallow water sessions and open water training. You can prepare for the theory portion of the course using PADI’s downloadable “touch” application, although we will still start on;
Day 1 with classroom sessions covering human anatomy and physiology, breathing and equalisation techniques, plus the special safety rules for freediving.
Your afternoon starts with stretching and relaxing exercises before a sequence of shallow water training sessions designed to develop your static and dynamic apnoea abilities.
Day 2 starts with a trip out by boat for 2 open water training sessions – preparing for, practising and completing free immersion and constant weight freedives.
Back to the dive centre to finish with your final exam followed by a thorough debriefing and congratulations; you’re a PADI Freediver!

  • Age; 15+
  • No previous experience required
  • 2 days – inc. open water freedives
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Discover Freediving (the basics)

It's the PADI Freediver course at Chaloklum Diving SchoolFor those folks who are not sure if all this is right for them (or if they can actually do it), the first day of the PADI Freediver course is designed to show them how it all works in an easy paced, stress-free style.

If everything goes well, they will then be fully confident that they are ready to go on to freedive in the open sea and complete the full certification programme.

  • Age; 15+
  • No previous experience required
  • 1 day – classroom and confined water
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A Freediving trip to Sail Rock

SCUBA Diving vs Freediving in the Gulf of ThailandFor certified and/or experienced freedivers we offer day trips with our big boat to Sail Rock – a truly excellent site for freediving.
We provide equipment as necessary, a light breakfast, fruit, soft drinks and good food when the diving is done.
Expert guides are available – they are required if you are a single customer, but they can also be a good idea if you would appreciate the services of a professional to start you off with a refresh/training session on the line and provide expert support over the day.

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