PADI Speciality Training Courses

PADI Deep Diver Speciality Course

PADI Deep Diver Course - computer checkThe PADI Deep Diving programme is for Advanced divers who want make dives in the range from 18 down to 40 metres depth. It’s an exciting and adventurous course, covering the important concerns of deeper dives, including special diving equipment, deep dive planning and safety issues, decompression sickness and gas narcosis considerations.
Many of the great wreck and deeper dive sites around the world require this certification level if you want to go diving there. It’s also a basic prerequisite for anyone intending going on to do some Technical Diver training…
This 2 day course involves deep diving lecture sessions and 2 big boat diving trips, applying the theory and techniques on 4 training dives with one of our experienced Padi instructors.

* Min. Age; 15

* Advanced Diver

* Takes 2 days, 4 dives

PADI Multilevel and Computer Diver Course

Enjoying a PADI Multilevel Dive at Sail RockOn your Open Water Diver course you learn that as you dive shallower your body absorbs less nitrogen. If you can plan a dive to allow for the “multi-level” nature of your actual dive profile then you can dive for longer, safely. And the reality is that most modern dive trips are planned on this basis anyway!
You can plan multilevel profiles for your dives yourself using PADI’s e-RDP ML (electronic planner), and the ultimate flexibility is to use a dive computer which allows you to plan and then perform the dive, when it monitors your actual profile and tells you a current theoretical time limit. We show you how to do all this, as well as looking at the various special considerations and concerns of multilevel and computer diving.

* Age; 12+

* O/W Diver

* Takes 1 day, 2 dives

PADI Night Diver Course

PADI Specialty Night Diver Course on Koh PhanganThe PADI Night Diver Speciality programme is a proper introduction to a completely alternative world of diving. As well as all the different marine life and behaviour patterns, there is a changed ambience in the evening; you dive more slowly and always seem to see more, especially the strange, interesting stuff. These are also great dives for underwater photography, if you want to bring your camera along…
The course teaches you about underwater lighting systems and all the special procedures for planning, communicating, navigating and responsibly interacting with marine life and the environment when diving at night. We also do our best to help you meet up with most of the nocturnal marine life special to our area.

* Age; 12+

* O/W Diver

* Min 2 days, 3 dives

PADI Search and Recovery Diver

PADI Search and Recovery with Casper and ChristianThe Search and Recovery Specialty Diver Course is a genuinely practical PADI training programme. Learning how to organise underwater searches for small lost objects, or how to locate and then safely bring large objects back to the surface is a surprisingly challenging and satisfying process.
You will first study the theory and then practice a variety of search patterns and techniques for locating small to large objects, in differing underwater environments including lower visibility. Tying knots underwater, rigging and using the appropriate lifting devices is also covered, with “lost object scenarios” to allow you put your training into practice.

* Age; 12+

* Advanced Diver

* Takes 2 days, 4 dives

PADI Underwater Navigator

Underwater Navigation at Angthong Marine Park, ThailandThe Padi Underwater Navigator Course will show you how to find your way around underwater, without always having to follow a dive professional! And most divers find that it increases their enjoyment of a dive when they have a real understanding of their orientation underwater.
At dive destinations where you are expected to plan your own dives it is especially important to have the confidence to use your compass properly, backed up with an awareness of natural navigation references, and to estimate distance correctly. As Padi say “avoid confusion and long surface swims”; we also say “avoid losing face and delaying the dive boat” !

* Age; 12

* O/W Diver

* Takes 1.5 days, 3 dives


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