Support Chaloklum Diving, help our coral reefs

Support Chaloklum Diving School - help the coral reefIt’s getting boring repeating the old phrase “we’re still here”, but we are – and happy to be so! Another cliche is that “we never expected it to go on for so long”, but no-one actually did. We continue to be a fully functional PADI dive centre, and are very happy when we get the chance to go fun diving or teach a course – it’s just not happening so often!

Over the last months we have had the occasional fun diver or 2 and recently the conditions have been very nice at Sail Rock. Chaloklum Bay is calm, sheltered from the southwest winds and although the tide is low in the day we’ve had some pleasant beach dives.

We were pleasantly surprised with a busy Open Water Diver course last month, and our instructor Michi has had some variety with Advanced and Rescue Diver programmes as well. However rather a lot of our diving has been reef cleaning and hard coral identification – not that we’re complaining, but rather we are happy to have something constructive to do!

Obviously this is not enough to keep the dive centre running, and after consulting our supporters the general opinion was that we should go ahead by organising a crowdfunding appeal. A number of friends also said that we must let people know about our reef cleaning activities and the importance of keeping them going, as well as our fine dive centre!

Please take a look at our GoFundMe page. It would be great if you would share it with your friends, family & anyone else who might be interested! You can find the campaign at

Best wishes from the team.