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Bubble Corals; Euphyllidae family

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Bubble Corals feature specially adapted structures known as vesicles. They can make them bigger or smaller to regulate the amount of light passing through to the symbiotic algae below. At night the bubbles retract and the corallum feeds, using its tentacles to catch small stuff from the water instead. This is fascinating stuff! 1 2...

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Euphylliidae family

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The Euphylliidae family were originally mainly large-polyped stony corals. A recent taxonomic reshuffle has now included the seemingly atypical genus Galaxea within this family. Bubble Corals; Euphyllidae family The opaque, bean-like structures regulate the light available to the photosynthetic algae in the corallum hidden below. Galaxea astreata; Euphyllidae family We are still trying to find out why this coral is in the same family as the bubble...

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