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Porites; Pore Corals

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The massive Porites Pore Corals form the main structure of many of the coral reefs around Koh Phangan. During the day their corallum are usually retracted, giving the surface of the coral a porous...

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Pyjama Goby; Amblygobius nocturnus

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The Pyjama Goby is usually found in pairs in shallow water – characterised by their subtle pink horizontal striping. A reasonably common fish on most of the coral reefs around Koh...

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8 banded Butterflyfish; Chaetodon octofasciatus

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The 8 banded Butterflyfish is easily found on coral reef based dive sites. The juveniles hide in groups in the Acropora Corals and the adults, in pairs as ever, are much more...

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White-cheek Monocle Bream; Scolopsis vosmeri

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The White-cheek Monocle Bream is a reasonably common coral reef fish in Thailand. We see them mainly at Koh Phangan and Koh Tao dive...

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