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Hypselodoris species

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Seen on a diving trip to Samran Pinnacles, Gulf of Thailand, April 2014 (well spotted by Stef). Recognisably a Chromodorid Nudibranch; long searching on the web has proved that although it has been photographed, it has not been named, as...

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White-cheek Monocle Bream; Scolopsis vosmeri

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The White-cheek Monocle Bream is a reasonably common coral reef fish in Thailand. We see them mainly at Koh Phangan and Koh Tao dive...

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Smooth-tailed Trevally; Selaroides leptolepis

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Also known as the Yellow-stripe Scad, the Smooth-tailed Trevally gathers in massive, tightly packed schools. They are often seen when we’re visiting our favourite dive sites – in the distance at Sail Rock they can look like some monster fish at first sight! They are also a major food fish in the Gulf of...

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