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Sea Slugs inc Nudibranch; Opisthobranchia

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Not all the Sea Slugs (Opisthobranchs) are actually true Nudibranchs. We also have 2 vegetarian sub-orders; the Sap-Suckers and the Sea Hares, as well as the carnivorous Headshield Slugs. Sea Hares; Anaspidea Algae eating sea slugs with rolled rhinophores and a water circulation system similar to that of a bivalve. Named after their rabbit-shaped appearance, they are also herbivorous. (3 Galleries) Headshield Slugs; Cephalaspidea These opisthobranchs spend more time under the sand than above, so are not often seen unless you're out looking for them. (7 Galleries) True Nudibranch;...

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