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Magnificent Anemone; Heteractis magnifica

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The Magnificent Anemone is the most eye catching of the Sea Anemones, seen on most scuba dives with Chaloklum Diving. They are usually observed with their resident Pink (aka Skunk) Clown...

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Hexacorals; Hexacorallia

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The Hexacorals are all based on a corallum with a 6 tentacular structure – hence the name ha, ha! But it’s still not easy to see any initial similarity between, say, a Magnificent Sea Anemone and a Porites Hard Coral. Ultimately it’s all an issue of scale and proportion… Sea Anemones; Actiniaria Fascinating vari-tentacled beasties, from short to long, big to small, and living in a variety of different environments. (11 Galleries) Black and Wire Coral; Antipatharia Antipatharians have a strong but flexible skeleton based on keratin. Hosts to some cool prawns and other...

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