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PADI Courses with Chaloklum Diving School

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PADI Courses from Novice to Professional… Are what we provide, as they are the largest and best recognised SCUBA diving training agency in the world – we are a highly rated PADI “5 Star” dive centre. BUT, what is most important for us is careful, sympathetic training to make sure you get the most out of your dive course with Chaloklum Diving School. This we manage by taking only small groups (we won’t usually refuse just one student); providing truly personal, understanding teaching and allowing enough time to do it all properly – time to practice, to...

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Crabs, Prawns plus; Decapoda

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Meaning “10 legged”, the order Decapoda breaks down into a bunch of infra-orders: Anomura – hermit and porcelain crabs, plus the squat lobsters; Axiidea – aka burrowing, ghost, or mud shrimps; Brachyura – the “true” crabs; Caridea – most of our prawns/shrimps; and Stenopodidea – the “boxer” shrimps. …many weird and wonderful creatures that you can meet when SCUBA diving around Koh Phangan.

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