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Stichopus ocellatus

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Stichopus ocellatus is named after the white papillae on its surface, resembling small eyes. Again common in Asian waters, but not so often seen when we go SCUBA diving or...

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Stichopus Sea Cucumbers; Synallactida

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The Stichopus Sea Cucumbers are squat, square-profiled, thick-bodied creatures. You can see many of them when scuba diving on the reefs at our local dive sites. They are not easy to identify – amongst these underwater photos we might have a new species from Koh Phangan!! Stichopus chloronotus Commonly known as the spiky or black knobby sea cucumber - for obvious reasons. 3 Photos Stichopus cf. horrens An ugly, warty, pustulose beastie - seen on 2 occasions. 4 Photos Stichopus ocellatus A chunky beast - usually found around coral reefs, filter feeding away... 3 Photos...

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