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Jans’s Pipefish; Doryhamphus janssi

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Jans’s Pipefish are usually found in the shade of large hard corals or in the nooks and crannies of our wall based dive sites such as Sail Rock. They are great subjects for underwater digital photography if you have some time when diving, as they won’t keep...

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Dendrodoris denisoni

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Dendrodoris denisoni; underwater photography principally from Chaloklum Bay, Koh Phangan. We had trouble identifying this relatively common tuberculoid beast, until helped out by the great Dr Bill Rudman from the wondrous Sea Slug Forum. It’s a great shame that the forum is no longer actively...

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Xeno Crabs; Xenocarcinus

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This is another creature that we only became aware of with the onset of underwater digital photography, when diving at local dive sites and some deeper spots around Sail Rock. Xenocarcinus tuberculatus has a habit of lurking on the other side of a wire coral, hidden from predators (and underwater...

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