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Amphipods; Amphipoda

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Amphipods remain generally unseen by divers and snorkellers as most of these creatures are microscopically small. We only realised that they existed when we started on the underwater macro photography! We have Caprellids – the so called Skeleton Shrimps, and Gammarids which look more shrimp shaped. You need to spend a little time with the Skeleton Shrimp photos to see the wee...

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Sea Squirts; Ascidiacea

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Solitary or communal, drab or colourful, Sea Squirts are a most varied and yet poorly classified range of filter feeding animals. Great for underwater macro photography on scuba dives. Other Ascidiacea A gallery of Ascidians whose identity we are unsure of. 36 Photos Styelidae A diverse family of ascidians - both communal and solitary. Botrylloides, Botryllus, Eusynstyela and Poycarpa (maybe!). 25 Photos Didemnidae Strictly colonial animals, the body of each zooid is divided into a thorax and an abdomen. Containing the genera Atriolum, Didemnum, Diplosoma and Trididemnum....

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Plexauridae – Sea Fans

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When we go SCUBA diving at Koh Phangan dive sites such as Kong Yai, we always look out for the sea fans. Both for their beauty and especially as they can be host to some fascinating small creatures for underwater macro photography....

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