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Maze and Star Coral; Merulinidae family

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Maze and Star Coral are so named because of the intricate maze like structure that some members of the family have on their surface. And some do look quite star like too… On scuba dives they are yet another underwater photographer’s macro delight. Hydnophora species Unique because of the small hill-like structures on its surface, known as hydnophores. 6 Photos Pectinia species Quite a common hard coral around here - another so called Cauliflower Coral, not sure why! 11 Photos Platygyra species Classic maze coral - commonly seen on our coral reefs. 13 Photos Other Merulinidae...

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Box and Cowfish; Ostraciidae

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These characterful fish have a solid, squarish, bony carapace which effectively limits their movement but at least makes the adults uneatable to most predators. They are great subjects for underwater photography when we’re scuba diving. Boxfish; Ostracion cubicus The juvenile has the eye-catching bright yellow colouration - the adult a more drab hexagonal patterning. 18 Photos Longhorn Cowfish; Lactoria cornuta Named after its long horns, but what they are used for is unclear......

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Hydropolyps; Tubulariidae

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In our first 10 years of diving on Koh Phangan we were fairly unaware of small stuff like this. An interest in underwater photography and marine life identification has changed all...

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