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Hypselodoris family

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The Hypselodoris family is a lovely sub-section of Dorid Nudibranchs. Underwater photographs taken only by Chaloklum Diving at our favourite dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand. Hypselodoris infucata Spotted 4 times up until now, and only in Chaloklum Bay. 10 Photos Hypselodoris kanga A photogenic nudibranch, seemingly common in the Chaloklum Bay vicinity. 19 Photos Hypselodoris maculosa Thanks to Gabriele for the photos, taken on a dive with the mighty Lawrence, the nudi man. 4 Photos Hypselodoris maritima I took just one quick photo because I didn\'t think it was a...

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The Aeolidida feature long tapering bodies and structures on the back known as cerata, which are often equipped with stinging cells taken from Cnidarians. Some we see regularly at certain dive sites, others are rarities spotted by the Chaloklum Diving team when out hunting for underwater photographs. Aeolidiidae We have spotted 3 Cerberilla species so far, all seen on the sand outside Koh Phangan local reefs. (3 Galleries) Coryphellina rubrolineata; Flabellinidae A flamboyant, hydroid-eating, Aeolid Nudibranch - used to be in the genus Flabellina. 18 Photos Eubranchus mandapamensis;...

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