The Chaloklum Diving PADI team reassemble on Koh Phangan

Nice SCUBA Diving from Koh Phangan in the Gulf of ThailandAs we move into the second half of what’s been a quiet month the dive centre is starting to get more lively with the return of Michi and Michael – after a month in Germany they both seem happy to get back to PADI Professional and Koh Phangan island life!
Sail Rock has had “look down to the bottom from up on the surface” visibility for a number of days now, and we hear that Koh Tao dive sites should be fine too, but as ever we are waiting for news on Anthong Marine Park diving and snorkelling conditions, although it was still looking rather good last week.
Of course the diving school has still been reasonably functional – in fact we made a dive trip on Sunday with quite a busy boat and a healthy mix of divers – Discover SCUBA Diving, the last 2 dives of a PADI Open Water Diver course and a bunch of fun divers of various levels.
Michael is getting his workshop back under control and our #2 compressor back into action, Michi is putting in some hammock time with the cat (now who is happier that Michi is back – Lola the cat or Sascha?) and we’re all waiting for Guy to produce his long promised special meal for the team – where’s that roast leg of lamb, maan? The mighty Radboud is due back by the end of the month and, following a lightening visit from Bangkok, rumour is that ‘ol Divemaster Dave might be around soon if the academic life of the capital can’t hold him.
Sorry that the Marine Life Guide has been static of late – too much time dedicated to WordPress and the social networks (bless them…) and not enough to make scuba dives with the camera – time for some changes!