The Diving School relaxes after a busy 2 weeks on Koh Phangan

Angie and Heinz on Chaloklum Diving boat, Koh Phangan, Thailand.First of all, Cheerio from all the team at the dive centre to our good friends and number 1 Chaloklum Diving supporters Angie and Heinz. It’s great when we have our “regular” divers around, and can offer more variation in dive trips; this time we got out to Koh Wao Noi at Anthong National Marine Park for the first time in a few years, and had a great “day against debris” on Koh Phangan but sadly we didn’t manage to dive at Southwest or our beloved Samran Pinnacles as intended. Scuba diving and snorkelling conditions have been generally fine; especially at Sail Rock, with a few whale shark visitations too, although our local diving conditions have been more variable.
As ever at this time of year we are down to a small team at the dive centre, and taking the time to relax a little. Not completely though, as super PADI Divemaster trainee Marina is around to keep us on our toes! If diving conditions are OK, the plan for the next weeks will be to make some more underwater photo dives on Koh Phangan dive sites, so that Nick and Michi can search for interesting marine life, and Marina can master her Olympus OMD…
And to finish, an extra word of thanks to the other Chaloklum Diving regulars who have been back this last fortnight and enlivened our dive boat – Mr Vlad (we do hope to see you back here again, sometime), the mighty Thomas, and family Meyer; Tobija, Lukas, Luis and Suzanne. It’s been a delight to have you diving with us.