The Phanganist – More than just parties

Jungle Experience Party at Baan Tai, Koh PhanganIt’s been Six years since was created and introduced to the world wide web, showcasing the neon colours and music of Koh Phangan – Phanganist was giving the rest of the world a view of the party island in paradise.

Photos from parties, writing about the parties, partying at the parties, listing when the parties were taking place, speaking to the djs and more.

But over the years most human beings learn that it can’t quite all be about partying…

Be good for Mom day on Koh Phangan with the Tourist Authority of Thailand.So, has evolved naturally to start covering the whole low-down on Koh Phangan – this island has long been famous for its full moon parties and “hippy” lifestyle but that’s only a small part of the picture.

Now they bring you the best of both worlds and try their damn hardest to show off this magical crystal island and its positive activities, people, nature and energy (which still includes the various parties).

Along with the Tourist Association of Koh Phangan they want to spread the word that we are staying somewhere that is much more than a party island!
Natural life - Bee keeping on Koh PhanganYou can come initially to do a SCUBA Diving course but then enjoy a nice holiday in a beautiful resort in the tranquil North of the island, or if you’re on more of a budget, rent a bungalow and drive around and explore.

You can join in with some yoga and widen your mind and consciousness with teachings at a spiritual school in Sri Thanu or learn to cook Thai food with a cookery course.

“Even if you come here with no particular purpose, you are sure to find something that suits you.”

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The Phanganist - More than just parties on Koh Phangan.