The Return of the Chaloklum Diving Blog!

The Chaloklum Diving Blog is back!Well… It seems that stopping our diving blog was not the best idea!! Our supporters have said that they enjoyed reading our occasional news bulletins and keeping in touch with the dive school via the website. What’s more, the mighty Google prefers that we make regular postings to our websites – so, we better get on with it.

Actually the plan is to cover a variety of other topics – not just what’s happening at the dive centre. So expect to see articles on our marine environment, Koh Phangan goings-on, and who knows what else. That way it should be more interesting for all of us!

We have fairly rough conditions at the moment in the Gulf of Thailand, so are taking a few days off from Sail Rock. There’s a possibility of a Koh Tao trip in the near future though, when it calms down a little.

There’s no special staff news at the moment. Michi’s putting in some hammock time after his last PADI Open Water Diver course and Jan is still away enjoying the delights of Raja Ampat. Nick’s anxious to get back in the water for another underwater photography session with a cesspit nudibranch – whatever turns you on!

For people currently on Koh Phangan we are offering free “try diving” sessions at the back of our dive centre in Chaloklum Bay. You can usually check our facebook page for the next event.

And we reckon that the Koh Phangan marine life guide must be getting on for 6,000 photos now, but we cannot check the number on the gallery application. The wonders of technology never cease to frustrate!