Welcome to the Monsoon Season on Koh Phangan

Chaloklum Bay view from the Dive CentreGreetings from Chaloklum Diving! We are still here and as determined as ever to keep the dive school flag flying on Koh Phangan.

The north-east monsoon kicked in a few days ago, meaning that we’ll probably not be diving (even for our own pleasure, sad to say) for several days.

However a positive side to this unprecedented year is that we won’t have the stress of maintaining a waiting list of frustrated divers waiting for conditions to clear up at Sail Rock. This can be usual in November/December!!

We have had the occasional diving customers – most recently a tune-up and Discover SCUBA Diving session in Chaloklum Bay. But it must be said that Michi does dedicate a lot more time to perfecting his guitar chords than training divers.

Actually both of our PADI pros have been taking short breaks – Frank is back from a week of Thai life in Suratthani and Michi’s due to return soon from the delights of the jungles of Kanchanaburi. And a “Yo” from the team to Michael, preparing for his first winter in Germany for how many years? Brrr!

You might notice that our marine life guide is expanding again, as the backlog of underwater photos from the Chaloklum Diving team gets processed. The last challenge is the hard coral section in the guide, but we’re getting there…