Fish, Reptiles, Squirts and a Whale; Chordata

The phylum Chordata contains the most highly developed marine lifeforms – we are chordates too (although rather more advanced than a sea squirt!). Simply put, chordates all possess some kind of backbone at some point in their development.

From Malabar Groupers down to Pygmy Gobies we've got a fine range of sizes, colours, shapes and habits. Excuse some slightly inaccurate classification, otherwise it gets too complicated... (29 Albums, 10 Galleries)

Differing from the bony fish in that their skeletal structure is composed of cartilage. The most primitive of the fish and one of the best adapted, until man came along... (2 Albums)

Seen mainly at the Marine Park and Koh Tao, but we've met them here in Koh Phangan waters too. (3 Galleries)

Sea Squirts can sometimes be confused with sponges as they are also sessile filter feeders. They are either solitary or colonial in growth habit. On the other hand Salps are pelagic, often found in long chains of clear, jellylike cubes. (1 Album, 1 Gallery)

Our largest whale, and the only one of these fine creatures that we have been able to photograph so far. (1 Gallery)