Cowries; Cypraeidae

A beautiful shell that keeps itself shiny by using a protective cover or mantle. It should be possible to find some species of cowrie at most of our dive sites.

Tiger Cowrie; Cypraea tigris

The Cowrie you\'re most likely to see around here.

Calf Cowrie; Lyncina vitellus

A pretty shell with a contrasting mantle. We thought that it might be Erosaria labrolineata, which looks similar - maybe some photos are...

Cowrie; Mauritia arabica

Named after shell markings that resemble arabic script. Also known as Cypraea arabica.

Mole Cowrie; Talparia talpa

We\'ve only seen this cowrie with its beautiful mantle extended.

Other Cowries; Cypraeidae

There are more cowries out there in the Gulf of Thailand, waiting to be identified !